Kylie's Bubble Tea Box ❤️ 5 Bubble Teas + Extras, January
Kylie's Bubble Tea Box ❤️ 5 Bubble Teas + Extras, January

Kylies Cuppa

Kylie's Bubble Tea Box ❤️ 5 Bubble Teas + Extras, January

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Glas:Mit 365 ml KC Glas

Every month changing Bubble Tea treats in a box!

You can take your time enjoying ❤️ The products have 4 weeks minimum shelf life from date of delivery.

Every month 5 new delicious bubble teas + extras!

Changing compositions each month and shipping on Kylie's Bubble Tea Box is free!

Chef's composition for the January box:

  1. Assam Tea, Yogurt Bubbles with Popcorn Infusion and Blueberry Sauce (Vegan, no real yogurt).
  2. Green tea, passion fruit bubbles with mango infusion and pineapple sauce
  3. Jasmine tea, cherry bubbles with sweet lime infusion and kiwi sauce
  4. Oolong tea, orange bubbles with blueberry infusion and mango sauce,
  5. Ceylon Tea, Magic Jelly Bubbles with Salted Caramel Infusion and Brown Sugar Sauce

+ One KC stainless steel straw, one KC glass and 5 eco-friendly disposable straws.

Here's what you'll need at home:

  • A kettle
  • If you want to drink it as milk tea: Milk

A bubble tea is about 600ml-700ml after mixing.

Allergens: Contains tapioca starch as well as colorants. The teas contain caffeine.

Item location and manufacture in Bochum, NRW, Germany.

You can order the box once, or be surprised monthly and save 5€ with the recurring box. You decide! The subscription model works only with the payment method PayPal.

If you choose the monthly delivery, you can cancel monthly, starting with the first box.